Waves 21

Waves 21 treatment redefines beauty and wellness for a more confident you.

What is Waves21 Treatment?

A completely new methodology in the aesthetic field:  Waves 21 is a totally innovative device that uses two independent technologies: metameric stimulation and cold treatment with Violet LED.

Fat Freezing Treatment Cheltenham

At Eliza Clark Aesthetics, I’m lucky enough to be one of the first clinics to offer Waves 21 Cryolipolysis with metameric stimulation. Which might just sound like a foreign language to you. So here’s the breakdown.

Cryolipolysis safely freezes fat cells to break down their walls, allowing the liver and kidneys to eliminate their contents. Unlike some machines that use suction cups, this method covers a larger area, making it suitable for various body parts, even bony areas. It minimises tissue damage, offering smoother skin, and employs Violet LED light to relax nerves and muscles while reducing hunger, addressing both subcutaneous and visceral fat.

Body Metameric Stimulation treatment

However, being built by the Italians, who are obsessed with health, it also incorporates Metameric stimulation. Metameres are 11 muscle groups located on the back, each one is linked to a particular region of innervation, via the sympathetic nervous system (a bit like reflexology).

These are stimulated prior to the cold treatment via gentle electro stimulation. So for example, the area at the back of the neck corresponds to the thyroid, which can have a significant effect on our tendency to retain fat, so all metameric treatments include the thyroid. Other areas that may need stimulation, depending on the type of fat being treated, include the metameres associated with the intestines, liver, heart and kidney. It’s a sublime combination which is getting great results.


60 minutes


Pain if power too high




2-3 weeks


Lifestyle dependant



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