Love Handles

Town House can help you achieve your dream waistline, with treatments that target stubborn fat within love handles.

What are Love Handles?

The extra fat that protrudes above trousers and rests at the sides of the waist is also referred to as 'love handles'. Often referred to as a muffin top, this fat can be challenging to shed, but it is achievable with the correct diet, regular exercise, and treatments.

Effective Love Handles Treatment Cheltenham

The accumulation of fat beneath the skin is the primary cause of love handles, when the body consumes too many calories, fat cells expand in volume, causing the skin to increase in size and appear plumper.

At Town House, the following treatments: Waves 21, Body FX, eFitness, and Forma Plus are ideal methods for dissolving the stubborn fat cells within the love handles and preventing them from returning. Book a free consultation with us to find out more.

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