C-Section Pooch

Town House can improve the look and feel of the c-section pooch. With effective treatments that enhance the skin's surface, you can achieve a more toned and refined look.

What is a C-Section Pooch?

A "C-section pooch," often referred to as a "C-section shelf" or "C-section bulge," is a term used to describe a noticeable protrusion or bulge in the lower abdominal area that can appear after a caesarean section (C-section) surgery.

Effective C-Section Pooch Treatment Cheltenham

The c-section pooch or bulge is caused by a combination of factors including tissue changes, muscle weakness, hormonal changes, and the surgical incision made when performing the c-section.

At Town House Clinic, we have a range of solutions available to help tone and firm the c-section pooch. Our Body FX Contouring, eFitness, Waves 21 and Forma Plus treatments are perfect to target the bulge caused by the c-section.

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