December 14, 2023

Winter Skincare: How to Keep Your Skin Moisturised this Winter

With Britain’s harsh and colder months ahead – strong winds and ice-cold temperatures, our skin may be affected by such harsh conditions, making it dryer and lacklustre. Our skin requires extra care and attention to maintain nourishment, moisture, and radiance.

Why have a winter skincare regime?

 In the winter, your skin may behave and react differently to the cold atmosphere. When building a winter skincare routine, understanding your skin type – dry, sensitive, oily, or combination, can help you figure out what products work best for you. Most skincare regimes include a cleanser, moisturiser, exfoliator, and SPF, which is a good base for any skin type, but you can elevate the number of products you use, e.g., introducing serums, or limiting number of products you use on your face.

In this blogpost, we will cover the necessary advice to bring keep your skin glowing even in the wintertime in the comfort of your own home.

Woman washing her face and participating in a skincare routine.


    1. Exfoliate Your Skin

What is an exfoliator?

An exfoliating cleanser product contains fine granules and beads to help scrub away layers of dead skin cells on the skin. There are many types of exfoliators for different skin types, while they may seem like a harsh product to use, using them effectively can create a significant impact on your skin’s complexion.

It is important to advise that with sensitive, dry, or itchy skin, utilising exfoliants is to be exercised with caution. They can be used sparingly to maintain balance with skin care and exposure to the winter weather.

In the winter months, being mindful of exfoliation you present to your skin is an important factor when implementing a skincare regime. The combination of cold outdoors with warm, dry indoor atmospheres can lead to dryer skin. Exfoliation can help with rejuvenating your skin’s complexion and when implemented one to three times a week, depending on your skin’s sensitivity, can provide great and lasting results.

Woman exfoliating her face


    1. Indulge in Moisturisers

With the cold air striking at our skin and leaving us dry and dehydrated, moisturising your skin in the winter is more important than ever. Restoring moisture back into your skin can come in all forms – serums, face masks, overnight masks, balms, and more. Implementing a dedicated product into your regime can be complex, so here is some essential advice:

Utilising a daily moisturiser suitable for you skin type daily can help with facing every day’s environments.

Incorporating overnight masks once to twice a week can really benefit dry skin, providing and extra boost to the skin’s hydration. Also, you wake up feeling refreshed and hydrated, a great way to start off any day in the winter!

If you’re unsure on a hydrating product to use, why not discover our SkinCeutical’s Hydrating B5 serum, as it helps to replenish your skin’s nutrients and the appearance of a younger, smoother complexion. Containing hyaluronic acid, the body’s natural hydrator, it helps bind moisture back into the skin.

    1. Don’t Forget Sunscreen!

Sunscreen is not just for summer, while there is a misconception that sunscreen is only needed in the warmer months, your skin needs to be protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays all-year round. You skin will thank you as you prevent sum damage and maintain lasting, youthful appearance.

What happens if you don’t wear SPF? Without SPF protection, prolonged exposure to sun rays can lead to sunburn (yes, even in the winter!), premature ageing, and increased risk of skin cancer.

We recommend selecting a broad SPF sun cream or choose moisturisers with SPF to protect you from daily UV exposure. Ensuring your face is protected from the sun is a winter essential for maintaining healthy skin and preventing the long-term consequences of sun exposure. Ensuring your skin stays resilient throughout all the seasons.

At Town House, we highly recommend SkinCeutical’s Advanced Brightening SPF50 – a dual-action sunscreen that simultaneously protects against UV damage, whilst also correcting the appearance of discolouration thanks to an innovative combination of broad-spectrum UV protection and brightening active ingredients.

There are many overlooked tips when protecting your skin from winter environments. Here are some other ways to look after your skin, not through products, but lifestyle factors to conclude ways in protecting your skin.

Woman applying moisturiser or sunscreen


    1. Mindful Self-Care

Christmas and the New Year can be busy and stressful times in our lives, so it is important to look after yourself and your skin will thank you. Incorporating mindfulness and wellness into your routine can contribute to your skin’s radiance.

Indulge in winter’s delights with warm baths, using bath salts and moisturising products to not only gain a sense of serenity, but to also relax your skin and muscles.

In conclusion, with winter weather making our skin more suspectable and external factors taking a toll, establishing a good skincare routine tailored to unpredictable cold conditions can effectively replenish moisture and nourishment, restoring vitality into your skin.

Finding the right products for you can be tricky, Eliza at Town House Clinic is happy to provide a free consultation to help you find out your skin type, establish a skincare routine, and help provide necessary treatments you may need.

We are also proud to be authorised SkinCeuticals stockists, these high-quality products are great for your skin. Why not treat yourself and your friends this Christmas season with our SkinCeuticals products? Share the joy of skincare and discover Town House Clinic’s range of treatments

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