Heavy Eyelids

Town House Clinic can reduce the appearance of heavy eyelids, effective treatments can help them to appear more radiant and brighter.

What Are Heavy Eyelids?

Heavy eyelids, also known as droopy eyelids or ptosis, refer to a condition where the upper eyelids sag or droop, making them appear to be in a lower position than they should be. This can affect one or both eyelids and may be caused by various factors, including ageing and genetics.

Heavy Eyelid Treatment Cheltenham

The degree of ptosis (heavy eyelids) can vary, from a mild droop that only partially covers the eye to a more severe droop that significantly impairs vision. In some cases, heavy eyelids can be a cosmetic concern, while in others, they may obstruct vision and require medical intervention.

Dermal Fillers, Tixel, and Forma facelift can help with the appearance of heavy eyelids.

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